We provide funeral companies with efficient, reliable & caring mortuary transfers, Australia wide.

Direct Mortuary Transfers Australia has over 15 years professional experience in the mortuary industry. Based in south east Queensland, the company is strategically positioned to provide prompt and efficient support to  all funeral companies in their mortuary transportation needs.

Family owned & operated

Operated by Jake and Kira Sullivan, Direct Mortuary Transfers Australia prides itself on providing a smooth and efficient service, with a caring and supportive touch.

The company possesses a wealth of knowledge, with over 15 years professional experience in the funeral/transfer industry.

All staff are highly qualified and professional, undergoing extensive industry compliance and professional ethics training. You can be confident in knowing that Direct Mortuary Transfers Australia is committed to providing the highest level of care in the transportation of your loved one.

New, specially designed vehicles

Our fleet of purposely-designed refrigerated vehicles are strategically located throughout Australia to ensure prompt and efficient service.

For highway-based transfers, our new, unmarked transport vans provide a smooth and rapid transit. Specialising in rural and remote transfers, our 4WD vehicles are equipped with all the necessary off-road accessories, allowing us to truly access Australia wide.

All vehicles are cleaned, sanitised, and maintained daily, both pre and post transfer to ensure the highest level of hygiene when transporting your loved one.

Servicing all areas, rural & remote

Equipped with multiple vehicles for both highway and rural and remote activity, Direct Mortuary Transfers Australia provides transportation to all areas, Australia wide.

Our fleet of 4WD vehicles are specially designed to safely and efficiently access and transport within Australia’s rural and remote environments.

We regularly work with funeral directors and mortuary transfer companies to assist in providing transportation to areas off the beaten track.

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We look forward to providing an efficient and caring transport of your loved one.